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    Newsletter Submission Guidelines

    The Cactus Wrendition is the quaterly publication of the Maricopa Audubon Society. We welcome announcements, articles, reviews, photographs, and artwork related to conservation, nature, and birding.

    • Deadlines: Material can be submitted anytime. However, the editor must receive copy for the Cactus Wrendition by the January 15th, April 1, July 1, and October 1, or December for inclusion in the issue following the deadline. Material not received by the 1st may not appear in the upcoming issue.
    • Format: Articles and reviews should be typed and double-spaced or in electronic format. Please limit articles to 1000 words or less, unless prior arrangements are made with the editor. Please label all items with: the author's name, address, and telephone number; title of the article; and the word processing format that was used, if applicable. Electronic media will be returned.
    • Photographs and Artwork. Photographs should be of birds or other natural subjects, especially photos taken recently in Maricopa county or elsewhere in Arizona. Black-and-white prints are preferred for reproduction, but color prints or slides can be used with some loss of image quality. Please label all photos with: photographer's name, address, and telephone number; bird identification; and the date and place the photo was taken. If known, note the type of camera, lens and film that was used. Artwork should pertain to conservation, nature, or birds. Black-and-white reproducible formats are preferred. Photos and artwork will be returned.

    For more information, contact: Gillian Rice, Newsletter Editor, at

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